The VSR TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the Vibratory Metal Stabilization Equipment Division of AIRMATIC INC. This unique, non-thermal method of stress relief uses non-destructive mechanical energy, generated by the tightly controlled amplitude and force output of a high frequency vibrator, to induce accelerated granular migration within weldments, castings, forgings, and other metal components in order to redistribute internal stresses.

Woman owned and founded in 1944, AIRMATIC INC., is a multi-division industrial distributor serving the industrial, construction, utility, government, and commercial markets. As a member of several buying groups and a shareholder of INDUSERVE SUPPLY, the nation’s largest commercial/industrial buying co-op, we represent over 800 manufacturers in 32 product categories. Over the years, the product categories have been divided into 4 product group divisions so that we can better serve the needs of our customers, from managing the ever increasing pressures for increased productivity and improved profitability, to creating less costly, yet competitive products that meet the reliability standards required in today’s global economy. Further, by categorizing our products into related product groups we are able to provide our Associates the product training and experience required to support our customers with the product knowledge, technical support, and fast, friendly service to which they are entitled.

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Mild steel fabrication for an aerospace milling machine

34' L X 17' W X 2' H, mild steel fabrication, a pallet frame for an aerospace milling machine.

Large turbine treated with vibratory stress relieving process